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- "House of Spirits" Theme Song MV Preview
- Relying on Bowie Wu to Snatch Ratings, Bobby Au Yeung Hopes for 30 Points to Boost Reputation
- "A Fist Within Four Walls" will air after "House of Spirits" on August 1st @ 9:30pm.
- "Daddy Dearest" will air after "Between Love & Desire" on August 1st @ 8:30pm.
- "Between Love & Desire" Promotional Clips 1-2
- "Presumed Accidents" Week 3: averaged 22.7 points.
- Tavia Yeung Supports now TV: Not Afraid of TVB Being Petty
- "Over Run Over" Theme Song (Vincent Wong Live Version)
- "A Time of Love II" (Taiwan) Theme Song MV
- Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan Returning to TVB to Push Ratings

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List updated on Friday, June 24, 2016.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

"House of Spirits" Theme Song MV Preview


愛的溫暖 《一屋老友記》 主題曲 - 蕭正楠

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

*Credits to nancywu.org

Relying on Bowie Wu to Snatch Ratings, Bobby Au Yeung Hopes for 30 Points to Boost Reputation




"Extra" Clip

Pearl Clip

ontv Clip

TVB held a 'TVB Amazing Summer' press conference at TVB City, introducing its summer slot programmes. "House of Spirits" actors Bobby Au Yeung, Bowie Wu (Sau Gor), Helena Law, Lau Kong, Koni Lui, etc. attended to promote the new series. Bobby has confidence in the series' ratings, saying that that story has laughter and tears, and also brings out a message. Bobby expressed, "Back then, said that success or failure depends solely on Bobby. This time, just need Sau Gor! Have him to look after the youngsters. (Relying on your series to fight the battle?) Fight what battle? There is a battle to be fought? There is someone attacking us? We want it to be better. Just icing on the back. Having ten points or eight points is already very good. If it has ten points, I am wearing a bikini. Having a winter swim if it surpasses 15 points, and treating to dinner for 20 points. Ha ha!"

After a round of jokes, Bobby asked the reporters how many ratings points series have now. After learning that it was 20-plus points, he laughingly said, "My previous series was also talking about hoping for 30 points. Now talking 20-some points. Then it's good. Later on, don't have to have pressure. Cannot pass the first day, but able to pass 15! I was even thinking about 30 points to boost [my] reputation!"

*Credits to on.cc, reiakiryu, TVBUSAofficial, and 鹿小儀

Monday, June 20, 2016

"Between Love & Desire" Promotional Clips 1-2

"Between Love & Desire" Promotional Clip 1

"Between Love & Desire" Promotional Clip 2

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*Credits to tvb and 黃智賢吧

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tavia Yeung Supports now TV: Not Afraid of TVB Being Petty


ontv Clip

Youku Clip

Moreforms Clip


Tavia Yeung, who has already left TVB, and Gaile Lok attended the now TV 2016 Third Quarter Programme Presentation event. Tavia attended a promotional event for another television station for the first time. She frankly said that the feeling did not have much of a difference, and is able broader her outlook as a free agent. The fee is a happy one. When asked whether she would film a programme for now TV, she said that, if there were an opportunity, would also discuss, depending on the whether it is suitable. As a free agent now, she wants to try more things. As for her mother company, TVB, she said that, if there were a suitable series and character later, would also collaborate. Not afraid of this action angering TVB? Tavia immediately complimented, "Would not be that petty. The company really cares for me. I am so well-behaved!" It has been said that she and Nancy Wu are fighting over to film "Heart of Greed III". She hopelessly expressed, "Very pitiful. Why is it frequently written that we are fighting? If it is suitable, not excluding any collaboration, not just 'Heart III'". She frankly said that she currently wants to focus on planning her wedding: "Now under way step by step, but no materialization and clue...have to get more people's opinions. I am a person who is very afraid of being troubled. Having to handle my own event is quite strenuous". She said the her husband is busy working, but hopes that he is able to be take part; thus, they have been mutually giving opinions for the wedding. For the first Father's Day after getting married, is she giving a grandchild to her father-in-law as a gift? She said, "Dried salted plum? Thanks, everyone. Bye bye!"

*Credits to mingpao, on.cc, youku, and moreforms

"Over Run Over" Theme Song (Vincent Wong Live Version)


"True Lovers" - Vincent Wong

最真心一對 《EU超時任務》 主題曲 - 王浩信

作曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 張美賢

假使飛返過去 前夜會遇著誰
假使風景倒退 長劇會刪走誰
盤旋急風裡 捲不走有夢要去追
而陽光總要 經過雨水

每一章如一齣戲 還是笑中有淚
總要記得 別用後悔告吹

*無需有萬次只需一次愛 未懼流眼淚
留起這初春不需千百季 去看穿秋水
只要伴著你任花火散去 讓背影結聚逾越時空裡

假使講多半句 誠實卻有畏懼
假使收於心裡 今生將錯過誰
來年幾多歲 心中都有夢要去追
狂流沖擊過 終變細水

這一生如一齣戲 愛會是每天所需
可以化開 這生老病痛的唏噓

Repeat *

可不可 想不想 燈火熄了 安心進睡
千杯酒也許 仍然未醉 愛你偏透淨 似清水

無需有萬次只需一次愛 未懼流眼淚
如果愛一起修補未完成壯舉 珍惜過日子
伴你任風光遠去 讓背影結聚成動人之最
無憾一起飛去 還是最真心一對

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*Credits to PNN Drama Fan Club

"A Time of Love II" (Taiwan) Theme Song MV


"A Hundred Years" - Pakho Chau

百年不合 《愛情來的時候2 台灣》 主題曲 - 周柏豪

作曲: 齊樂平
填詞: 陳詠謙
編曲: 周錫漢/黃兆銘
監製: 周錫漢

共你本來就分得 那樣遠
或是你太好 因此我更怕
相戀會殺掉最後的 那點

就當這場內心戲 不好演
若未夠赤裸 撫摸到永遠
可否叫眼淚再模糊 一點

試問我如何決絕 當你想行前一寸
愛下去又發現你 站到一邊

*和你分開一百年 捱過今生才遇見
拉扯著那根線 若切不斷 才好好發展
多等一百年 捱到開花才遇見
風景就算改變 別要改變人物地點
即使今生擱淺 苦等隔世盛宴

慶幸我們還友善 不算糾纏和欺騙
卻是證實這段愛 沒有起點

Repeat *

唯有分開一百年 捱過今生才遇見
拉扯著那根線 欲斷不斷 仍偷偷眷戀
輾轉一百年 捱到開花才遇見
冰封著那溫暖 讓那戀愛毫無弱點
即使今生擱淺 苦等隔世盛宴

*Credits to LovingTBB

Friday, June 17, 2016

Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan Returning to TVB to Push Ratings


Allegedly, TVB has recently found Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan to return to film the new web series "Woman Who Does Not Know How to Flirt". This series will temporarily be like "Come with Me", broadcasting on myTV SUPER. This time, the two will be challenging a 4K UHD production. This time is also TVB's first time using 4K to film a series, with 4K having a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which has four times the pixels as the typical Full HD 1080p. Apart from Frankie and Jessica, this series also has current TVB first-line siu sang and fa dan Vincent Wong and Natalie tong taking part in filming.

Serious Enough When Returning to Film Series

Frankie jumped ship to HKTV earlier. Allegedly, the main reason for returning to TVB to film a series this time was because the production team is entirely those who previously jumped ship from TVB to HKTV, including producer Kwan Shu Ming and copy editor Chu Keng Kei. TVB also attaches great importance to this series. Allegedly, behind-the-scenes staff members, such as hair, makeup, costume, editing, etc. are outsourced...an extremely serious production. When reporters contacted Frankie to verify, he admitted that he has indeed accepted this series, frankly saying that he is very happy to collaborate this time; however, Frankie expressed that, at the beginning of July, TVB will hold a press conference...will talk in detail then.

Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong Greatly Anticipating

When Vincent and Natalie accepted an interview, they frankly said that they are very happy to be able to collaborate with two senior-level actors. Vincent expressed that his role this time is also very special. Vincent said, "I worked with Jessica in 'Gun Metal Grey' and 'Tiger Cubs', so also very familiar. As for Frankie, really my first time collaborating. As for Natalie, I also have not collaborated with her before. Believe that there are also a lot of sparks with Natalie. Before performing, we also have some preparations". Natalie was tight-lipped about the details of this series: "Have to wait for the official press conference before announcing it. Only know that the company also attaches great importance to this series. (Would you be worried having to film in 4K?) Have not really understood this aspect yet, but really greatly anticipating this series".

Personal Note: Only broadcasting online?!

Sheren Tang was rumoured to be leading this series earlier, but I guess it has been changed to Jessica.

*Credits to on.cc

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jessica Hsuan Afraid of Losing Face Having to Sing on the Spot



Moreforms Clip

Jessica Hsuan returned to her mother company, acting as a guest for the TVB programme "Wanna Bros". She expressed that, when she attended Leon Lai's concert earlier, she encountered host Luk Ho Ming, who invited her on to the programme. Returning to her mother company after a period of time, she feels that it is very interesting. In the programme, she will talk about old times and the male leads she collaborated with before, but feels greatly pressured having to sing on the spot. She laughingly said, "I don't sing much. Although I have done concerts, saw Maria Cordero go on this programme, exposing things and singing incredibly. I'm afraid of losing face and singing to the point of being in a complete mess. Plan on forcing the hosts to accompany me to sing. Also good to come on here to show my true nature, but I did not expose anything. I only know how to laugh". Jessica also revealed that she would be filming a new series soon, expecting to be busy until the end of October.

*Credits to mingpao, TVBUSAofficial, and moreforms